Articles written by Certified Diabetes Educators with practical tips for managing your diabetes.

We break down medical guidelines and recommendations so they are easy to understand and implement in your own life!

5 Tips to Help Your Patients with Diabetes Stay on Track with Their Medication

Health care providers prescribe medications hundreds of times each week, but to a person newly diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, hearing “I want you to take ____” is a public admission of failure. Failure to lose weight. Not making time for exercise. Inability to change habits like flavored coffee for breakfast or a favorite aunt’s [...]

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Helping Patients Find Their Voice: Too Much, Too Fast?

As healthcare providers we tend to give a large amount of information to our patients at one time. It’s not that we don’t care or that we don’t understand adult learning; sometimes there is just a lot of new information that’s important to know. Think about the patient that is new to monitoring their blood [...]

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Just ask…

Just ask….. What are you eating? Are you exercising? How often are you testing your blood sugar? What are your blood sugar results? Are you taking your medications? How is your stress level? Are you doing foot exams? Are you setting goals? Do you smoke? Are you ready to change—today, tomorrow, next week? The list [...]

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Reaching the Unreachable: A Personal Approach to Diabetes

As published by Huffington Post 1/15/14;   By David Weingard Shock — is how I felt when I was first diagnosed with diabetes. I had been training for an eight stage survival race and was in great physical shape. Suddenly I felt weak and lethargic and knew a visit to my physician was necessary. [...]

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Merck Heritage Provider Network Innovation Contest 5 Questions with Fit4D

5 Questions with…Fit4D January 10, 2014 This post is part of a special “5 Questions with…” series, featuring Q&As with the semi-finalists in the Merck | Heritage Provider Network Innovation Challenge. David Weingardis the CEO and Founder of Fit4D – a personalized program that synthesizes workflow, data capture, device integration, and reporting-enabling personalized service delivery via coaches within [...]

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