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Armando Triana, Product Manager for Enterex


Working to create healthier lifestyles and practices

Armando Triana believes in his product based on proven results from their diabetes community at large.  Understanding the value that Enterex adds to the diabetes community in terms of providing a healthier choice for a consistent diet is incredibly inspiring and useful for everyone living with diabetes.

What have you learned while there about how Enterex is helping people with diabetes?

The one really basic concept of how to use our product, which comes down to the one questions, how do I manage diabetes?  There is a lot of information out there.  We created a product that matches as closely as possible what the diabetic diet should look like.  No sugar, less carbs, protein and minerals that a person needs so when they’re not sure what to eat they can fit this right into their daily meal plan.  It’s like a milkshake, very nice tasting, which is one of the best comments we get.

What issue do you see as the most prevalent right now in the diabetes landscape?

The biggest issue I believe is the rising rate of diabetes, and the rise of obesity.  The amount of information a newly diagnosed diabetic needs to know is quite lengthy.  Most Sagittarius horiscope 2005 assumes that in the first half of the year the circle of acquaintances will be extended. people don’t have the luxury of knowing what they need to know, and we want to help make that easier.  When a diabetic has to make a food choice it can be difficult to choose what to eat based on what’s in it.  Even with labeling it’s difficult to decipher what’s really in a product.  We have formulated Enterex to match what a diabetic should have.  It’s nice for individuals who are not always trying to control what to eat, but might not be eating enough.  In addition, older people tend to lose their appetite.  Enterex ensures they get all the vitamins they need without having to make a big meal.

What do you think of the fit4d pathways?

I’m a big believer in face-to-face, one on one.  I think it’s very important to have people working with a person to help them in a personal way to manage their diabetes better.

What changes is Enterex helping to achieve?

From a clinical perspective that either a diabetic has a glucose control problem, this helps control the glucose.  We know how bad it is for an average person to have high glucose control, but this helps the management in hospitalized patients especially.

How do you obtain feedback from your community?

We travel a lot and we visit with a lot of the communities, making it easier to see how our product is working.  For those who have not tried it, I encourage them to test it out.  Because it tastes really nice.

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Interviewed by Alexis Fedor, Fit4D Online Marketing Manager and Debby Johnson, RD, LD, CDE, Fit4D Senior Clinical Director

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