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Diabetes Talk: Dr. Adam Kaufman, General Manager Of Healthcare Solutions At dLife

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Adam Kaufman, Ph.D, General Manager Healthcare Solutions at dLife


Creating better health for individuals living with diabetes through education and media engagement

What do you appreciate most about your role with dLife?

I appreciate the opportunity to be able to take what dLife already does so well, bringing education to individuals living with diabetes, and extend that education to bettering their relationships with their healthcare providers. There is tremendous opportunity for healthcare plans and providers to be able to give their patients what they need when the relationships are strengthened and communication becomes more pronounced and clear.

What do you see as the most pertinent issue right now within the diabetes landscape at large?

I think as health care moves from a pay-per-service into a pay-for-value model, there is a tremendous opportunity to make it even easier for people with diabetes to obtain increased support for their own self-management. To me, the issue is how to take advantage of the benefits that healthcare reform is providing in terms of system re-design to make sure it is sensitive to people’s needs, and that care is paid for and delivered.

How is dLife contributing to helping improve this issue?

We’re continuing to focus on building content and tools that empower people with diabetes. We like to think of ourselves as their partner, where they can come for tips and support. We’ve taken the opportunity to enlighten and engage with healthcare providers and plans to help them stay patient-centered. Through our lifestyle engagement platform, we’re able to assist healthcare plans in offering their patients with diabetes a dosed curriculum, which means a structured delivery of content over time, that allows them to adopt and sustain diabetes self-care behaviors at their desired pace. We treat people with diabetes as individuals, and hope that we can translate that to the partnerships we have with the healthcare community.

What are your thoughts about the Fit4D Pathways as a tool to help healthcare companies and providers reach people as individuals on a greater scale?

It’s critically important I think, because the vast majority of diabetes patients do not interact with educators, and it’s really so important for more people to start doing so.

What do you want people to know right now about how to lead a healthier life with diabetes?

We always say living with diabetes is about living your life with diabetes. That’s why we say small “d” (diabetes), big “L” (Life). With diabetes, you can’t ignore it, but you want to be able to make it part of your healthy lifestyle. We want people to know that dLife understands the challenges of managing diabetes. Since its creation, dLife has been fulfilling its mission to help those with diabetes take better care of themselves and build good diabetes management skills through simple lifestyle changes. Ultimately, the goal is to enable more people to live longer and healthier diabetes lives.

Interviewed by Alexis Fedor, Fit4D Online Marketing Manager







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