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Mike Boyle

Managing Editor and Webmaster of


Education leads to stronger communities and hope

What do you find most fulfilling about your role at

I came to in July 2010 when the website hadn’t launched but had started its build. It’s a site that is 100% philanthropic, funded by Robert Schwartz. He has been in food manufacturing for over 35 years and this is his way of giving back. It’s free to use and there is absolutely no advertising. I helped build the content, working with the board, and I now focus on driving traffic through social media in order to publicize the website globally. Our biggest audience is in South Asia, India and Pakistan and the United Kingdom. We have it in 52 languages.

My interest in this project was solely because members of my family have diabetes. I have a background in radio and publishing, having programmed and was on the air in radio stations in NY and Philadelphia for almost 30 years. I started doing internet work for radio stations. When the economy turned, I lost my job. I found this opportunity because it fit my skill set.

What do you find most rewarding about being able to reach such a broad audience?

We’re able to reach globally as many people as we have, and that there are so many people who need help. Everyday if you can reach out to one person or a group or organization to offer help, that is the biggest compliment to this job. Helping people has been most rewarding.

What do you see as the biggest issue right now within the diabetes communities as a whole?

The biggest issue is, if you break it down into Type 1, those folks are focused on the info about the artificial pancreas. They have an appetite about any information and research on their condition. Often they get really upset when articles don’t portray Type 1 education. Type 2 are often like a deer in headlights because they have just been diagnosed and don’t know what to do or how to get the right information. There is a lot of confusion out there.

The artificial pancreas is very interesting to me, as we have done quite a bit of research on it. I see there’s a lot of hope there.

What do you consider the most valuable aspect of

It’s a one-stop location where people can not only get the latest news on diabetes, and the news is written in a way that is not over anybody’s head. There’s a library of videos and recipes, a blood glucose tracker, forums, blogs, you can get everything here and rely on it. We pride ourselves on this. Also, no one will ever have to deal with advertising on our site. It’s a safe haven to spend all kinds of time and we will never try to sell you something. We are all about education and support.

What do you think about the Fit4D Pathways as a way to help people living with diabetes on a global scale?

I think it’s tremendous! When I look at the amount of coaches you have, spread across the country, it’s really amazing. We get so many questions from people everyday, and at the bottom of every article or video people can ask questions. And it takes an awful lot of time, which tells me people need one-on-one care.

Interviewed by Alexis Fedor, Fit4DOnline Marketing Manager

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