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Diabetes Talk With Jenny Craig Global Chief Executive Officer Dana Fiser

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Dana Fiser, Jenny Craig Global Chief Executive Officer

Author of Dana’s Day To Day Blog


Commitment to connecting and providing resources for the diabetes community


How do you find Jenny Craig is helping those with diabetes lead a healthier lifestyle?

Jenny Craig takes a comprehensive, lifestyle approach with clients to teach them how to eat well, move more and live a more balanced life. Our program elements are well-supported by diabetes research. In the ongoing multi-site clinical trial, Look AHEAD, participants in the lifestyle arm of the study continue to show better weight loss and blood sugar control than those receiving education alone.


What do you notice diabetic patients are in need of most when it comes to learning more about nutrition and how to choose what is best for them?

People with diabetes need simple, practical strategies to help them maintain good control of their diabetes and flexibility in their food choices. Areas like portion control, healthy cooking techniques and ideas for dining out are all part of a balanced, enjoyable lifestyle – and they are all built into the Jenny Craig Program.


We love the concept of Dana’s Day-To-Day Blog on the Jenny Craig site. Do you find this helps you connect more directly with various communities?

In my personal life, it is important to me to connect with my friends and family and keep in touch with them as often as I can, and I feel the same way in my professional life. I want to connect with our clients and friends who visit the Jenny site and share with them my good days, days I struggle with balancing work, family, healthy eating and activity, and any news or inspiration that has inspired me. My blog is a great way for me to connect with the Jenny community and it gives them a forum to share their own story.


Do you see the need for diabetes patients to connect within the Jenny Craig community?

Over and over, research has shown the value of connection, or shared experience, in helping people to make positive changes – and to maintain them. Support is the key. Our Jenny community is an empowering resource for getting fresh ideas, overcoming challenges and gaining inspiration from others who are on their own weight-loss journey. It’s a place for people to commonly share their insights on how they obtained their own well-being.


What do you see as the most pertinent issue right now within the diabetes community, based on your experience?

One of the most pertinent issues is lack of time – the challenge of juggling the demands of work and home, with the need for consistent diabetes management.

That’s where Jenny Craig can be a resource – to provide the convenience of nutritionally balanced menus that include Jenny’s Cuisine, easy ideas for meal planning and dining out, quick ways to build more activity into your day and strategies for better life balance.


What is the one message you want all diabetes patients to know about how Jenny Craig’s program can help them?

The most important message about Jenny Craig is that IT WORKS! We are a scientifically proven weight loss program that pairs a one-on-one consultation to personalize your plan and provides you with the support and tools you need to achieve your weight and health goals. Jenny Craig makes it simple to eat well and move more.

Interviewed by Alexis Fedor, Fit4D Online Marketing Manager



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