Goal Setting

Articles written by Certified Diabetes Educators with practical tips for managing your diabetes.

We break down medical guidelines and recommendations so they are easy to understand and implement in your own life!

Exercise 101: Getting Started with a Fitness Routine (Part 2)

Learn how to set goals and work activity into your day to boost your current level of physical activity.

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Exercise 101: Getting Started with a Fitness Routine (Part 1)

If you’re motivated to be active and want ideas on how to get started, read on to learn about the many creative ways you can boost your physical activity everyday!

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A New YOU for a New Year

The New Year symbolizes the opportunity to embark on a journey towards better health. Learn how to make those health goals a reality.

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Coping with the Ins and Outs of Living with Diabetes

There are many feelings that come with living with diabetes. Learn more about ways to deal with these feelings and where to seek support.

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A New YOU For a New Year

Find out how to set a realistic New Year’s resolution and stick to it.

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