Beth Silvers, RD, CDE, MS, LDN

Nutrition Coach


Beth Silvers, RD, CDE, MS, LDN is a registered dietitian and a certified diabetes educator. She has been in field of dietetics since 1980 and in the field of diabetes since 1988 when she became a certified diabetes educator. She has 14 years experience in the hospital setting establishing diabetes support groups and diabetes education programs recognized by the American Diabetes Association. Beth has trained and mentored nurses, pharmacists and other dietitians to be better educators. She also has six years experience running her own diabetes consulting company.

Beth has Type 1 diabetes herself, has worn a insulin pump since 1994, and enjoys training people of all ages on using insulin pumps. She has always wanted to be in the healthcare arena since childhood because of her diagnosis at 5 years old. Dietetics seemed to be the area that she could have the most time and contact with her clients so that is the direction she took.

Beth is passionate in her desire to help everyone claim and manage their diabetes to the best of their ability. She watched her father ignore his Type 2 diabetes and suffer diabetes related complications and wants to help others stay as healthy with their diabetes as possible. Beth feels that diabetes is a condition not an illness so it should not limit us in any way in our life dreams. Let her help you succeed with diabetes!

Beth can be reached via email at