Brandi Walker, RPA-C, CDE

Brandi Walker is a physician assistant and certified diabetes educator in the New York City area. She received her physician assistant degree from St. John’s University and has almost 10 years of clinical experience in diabetes education, emergency medicine and interventional radiology. In her current role, she is a clinical manager with a medical device company where she is responsible for providing ongoing education and technology training to patients and medical providers on how to manage diabetes with insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitoring. Brandi’s passion is to empower each person with diabetes to set and achieve their own realistic goals.

Brandi’s philosophy on diabetes education is that learning should be fun, interactive and relevant to each individual’s personal situation. She believes that people are most successful when they are actively involved in the education process and they learn how to control their diabetes rather than their diabetes controllling them. When people understand this and control their diabetes, they will be able to live and enjoy their life to its fullest. Brandi can be reached at