Brett Douglas, PharmD



Dr. Brett Douglas has been practicing as a community-based specialty pharmacist in the New York City area for 10 years. He received his Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Mississippi. He specializes in medication therapy management for patients with complex, chronic diseases such as HIV, cancer, hepatitis, auto-immune and organ transplantation. Thanks to the development of highly effective anti-retroviral therapy, many HIV positive patients are now living longer, healthier lives but also have to deal with co-morbid disease states such as diabetes. Brett has experience with sliding scale insulin dosing, educating patients on the proper use of insulin delivery devices, and managing side effects of oral medications used to lower blood sugar. He has also become an expert at helping his patients understand the differences in Medicare Part B vs. D, and how to get reimbursed from both.

Brett’s grandfather was a community pharmacist in a small rural town in Mississippi in the early 1900’s. “PaPaw’s” patients referred to him as “Doc,” and house calls made in the middle of the night (by the community pharmacist) were commonplace. Brett hopes that his work with Fit4D can recapture that personalized, patient-centric care by utilizing the innovation of web-based health services. Brett can be reached via e-mail at