Leticia Martinez, MS, MPH, RD, CDE

Nutrition Coach


Leticia is a registered dietitian and has worked in the field of nutrition for more than 20 years. She is Board Certified in Advanced Diabetes Management and has worked in the field of diabetes for 17 years. She has a Master of Science in Nutrition and a Master in Public Health. She currently works for a Community Health Center as a dietitian and diabetes educator.

Leticia has extensive community nutrition experience, especially working with the Hispanic and Native American populations. In Los Angeles she worked as a High Risk Consultant for a WIC program located in a Hispanic neighborhood. In her present job in Arizona, she counsels patients individually and teaches diabetes classes in Spanish. She has been very active in the Hispanic/Latino Specialty Practice Group of the American Association of Diabetes Educators. She has developed, written and edited patient diabetes educational materials in Spanish. She believes that easy to read educational material is essential for people to be able to learn and put into practice what was read.

She holds specialty certificates in Adult and Childhood/Adolescent Weight Management from the American Dietetic Association. She feels that coaching people in improving eating habits and having a physically active lifestyle is extremely fulfilling as many of the current chronic diseases can be prevented and/or improved by adopting these behaviors.

Her strong interest on the prevention of diabetes has led her to be an active member of the Arizona Department of Health Diabetes Coalition. She also collaborated in a Diabetes Prevention grant for the Community Health Center she works for by assisting in the design and training their community health workers.

“One of my most rewarding experiences was to lead a diabetes class where one of the participants was able to acquire the knowledge and skill he needed to not only improve his diabetes knowledge and management but also to go back to his small town and educate all his close and extended family in diabetes management.” The skills we teach not only impact those who attend our sessions but also their family, friends, and neighbors. Often, without knowing, we start the training of our future health educators, including the children and grandchildren who attended our classes with their mothers or grandmothers who have diabetes.

Leticia can be reached via email at lmartinez@fit4d.com.