Resa Chandler, PhD

Fitness Coach


Resa Chandler has an extensive combination of physiological higher education and practical fitness training experience. She completed her doctorate at the University of Texas at Austin where she specialized in carbohydrate metabolism, type 2 diabetes, endocrinology, and muscle physiology.

“I am very interested in using my education and fitness experience to make a difference for people with diabetes. The reason is simple. My mother has type 2 diabetes and in October 2007, my father was rushed to the hospital for an emergency angioplasty. I found out then that he too has had type 2 diabetes.”

For several years Resa owned a fitness training company that developed highly demanding three-month fitness programs that produced significant strength and fitness accomplishments with her clients. As a result, a paper she had published on the effects of nutritional supplements and endocrinology and weight training was recognized as a major contribution to applied sports nutrition by the Journal of Applied Sports Nutrition.

In addition to coaching at Fit4D, Resa is a professor of exercise science and the coordinator of the exercise science major at Brevard College in North Carolina. Teaching completes Resa because it makes such a difference for young adults (and older adults too!). “It’s my forte and has been since I was a tot!”

Resa researched what it took to become a Certified Diabetes Educator and immediately called Fit4D. She couldn’t think of a better resource for people with Diabetes serious about managing the disease with exercise than Fit4D. Resa believes Fit4D uniquely addresses the need of a specifically educated coach to implement exercise strategies for people with type 1 and 2 Diabetes, and the need for personalized workouts and training is made possible for all people through the internet. Resa can be reached via e-mail at