Fit4D Diabetes Coaching

When your patient hits a wall, Fit4D Coaches are there with immediate help.

Coaching provides direct one-on-one interaction between the patient and the Fit4D coach to retain them on therapy, personalize lifestyle including nutrition and exercise and provide motivation and support

Coaching in the Personalized Fit4D Pathways© is based on the principles of motivational interviewing, a technique which helps patients increase their own desire to change behavior.  Fit4D coaches uniquely empower and inspire people living with diabetes to help them take a more active role in their health.

View some of our client and demo videos to see how a virtual coaching experience can help your patients reach positive health outcomes.

Sarah’s Story: A Virtual Diabetes Coaching Experience

We use cutting edge technology to bring the human touch to patients on topics they are dealing with every day. Follow our patient Sarah on her journey through a sample of Fit4D’s suite of services. Here, we show how our team supports Sarah through individual coaching, a virtual support group, and a webinar.

Sarah experiences her first coaching session with Fit4D

In this session, our Fit4D coach engages with Sarah, who has type 2 diabetes, and is concerned about nutrition and medication.

Sarah connects with others in a Virtual Diabetes Support Group

Sarah meets other people with type 2 diabetes and they share their thoughts on coping with diabetes in their personal relationships.

Fit4D coaches answer Sarah’s questions during live webinar Q&A

Sarah has her questions answered personally by Fit4D coaches in an interactive Q&A.

Sarah’s Fit4D coach checks in on her progress

Our Fit4D coach reinforces and supports Sarah’s progress with her diabetes eating plan and medication apprehension.